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Scots are natural born storytellers...each collection tells a story of both old and new.


Inspired by Scotland, our landscape, our culture and the greats throughout fashion, from Alexander McQueen to Elizabeth I; decorated cavalry to Adam Ant, each collection pulls together a deep respect for heritage and skilful craftsmanship with a keen eye for contemporary and exciting approaches to material and embellishment. 

Each embroidery possesses a deeper meaning than its outward interest and beauty - often drawing from personal experience, history and even current affairs. The idea of 'unity', both it's strength and weakness is a running theme, as well as 'decay and 'change'. 

Couture level finish and luxury is paramount, resulting in thought provoking pieces that go beyond the realms of fashion, and into sculpture.

Print Design


Digitally printed and screen printed fabrics accompany the embroidery collections - and can now be commissioned as bespoke kilt linings and accessories.

Prints have served as flashes of colour in dark pieces, a subtle hopefulness shining through, they have also been vessels for further embellishment.

Screen printed was broadly explored in the Rebuild collection, working with flocks and foils to create multi dimensional prints. While digital prints were developed from personal photography and details of embroidered work to push small techniques into unexpected scales. Click here or the image to the left to access the print collection.